About the upper-front body of kimono

絞り 帯揚げ

In 603 , the Suiko Emperor brought in a Chinese system to Japan , she adopted ‘ujin’ which was the first system to rank officials into 12 levels .
The color of the clothes was determined by rank .
The true purpose is the system was to employ an excellent person regardless of family line.
In 719 ,’ujin’ was formally decided in law by the Gensyo Emperor , and ‘sajin’ was proscribed , this is the common kimono style for both man and woman.
Almost Japanese do not know the word ‘ujin’ and ‘sajin’.
Nowadays , ‘ujin’ is called ‘migimae’, ‘sajin’ is called ‘hidarimae’ , in other words , ‘migimae’ is the same as men’s Western style clothes ,
which was not the original intention . Men’s and women’s style were to be the same .
Although it has not changed from a long time ago, gravesclothes became the custom of dressing ‘hidarimae’.
When people are young , when kimono is worn ‘hidarimae’ by mistake , mother said , only half serious ,「You are dead ! 」or 「Are you a ghost ?」 .
The kimono could be studied at home in days of old ,
because mothers and grandmothers often used to wear kimonos but ,
since Japanese people have not got used to wear a kimono these days,
it’s difficult to study at home from family ,
many flesh-and-blood ghosts who wear ‘yukata’ appear in summer festival by their own dressing mistake .

About the upper-front body of kimono
They have not noticed they are wearing the kimono by mistake .
‘Hidarimae’ is believed to bring bad luck .
If those who wear hidarimae at the formal place are seen, everyone will think「Oh my god !! 」.
Incidentally , the triangle of cloth attached to the head is one of the burial rites of Buddhism.
In Japan, although someone dies , those who do not go to the better world are called ‘yurei’ or ‘obake’, and remain on this earth .
‘Yurei’ is a restless sprit , because they have a lingering affection and grudge about something in this life .
Although ‘obake’ itself does not understood why it is, they are those who do not go on to the better world.
If anything , ‘yurei’ is more dreaful than ‘obake’ , because ‘yurei’ sometimes curses people.

What should be done in order not to make a mistake?

What should be done in order not to make a mistake?

First of all, wearing a kimono and getting used to it’s shape and feel is important .
Everyone is mistaken in how to wear a kimono once at least , don’t pay it any mind , try again ! The button is not attached to ‘naga-juban’ and ‘nagagi’, Therefore, it slips up . Women are used to ‘hidarimae’ , because it is lady’s Western style . A full length mirror is required, when a preson wears a kimono or it dresses . Since a mirror is a reflection , changing left for right , people sometimes have the illusion that they have made a mistake. Before wearing a belt , it is necessay to confirm the right way of wearing .